Group Vehicle Drivertrain
Taxi Cabs Taxi RWD
Taxi Cabs Super Taxi RWD
Taxi Cabs Marauder 4WD
Crusero Bueno RWD
Crusero Excellente RWD
Crusero Magnifico RWD
Jones J400 4WD
Jones J420 RWD
Jones J450 RWD
Piranha PDQ FWD
Piranha PDQ R FWD
Piranha PDQ ARi FWD
PT Phoenix (Standard) RWD
PT Phoenix DDX RWD
PT Phoenix ICX RWD
Modicum XSV FWD
Modicum XSV.5 FWD
Modicum XSV.25 FWD
Ascent 235 RWD
Ascent 237si RWD
Ascent 470ds RWD
Amata Fiorenza RWD
Amata Fiorenza II RWD
Amata Crescendo RWD
Zender Alpha 4WD
Zender Beta 4WD
Zender Type-S airfield
Kuruma Faasuto GR FWD
Kuruma Faasuto GS RWD
Kuruma Faasuto GT 4WD
Manhattan Bonus Bus RWD
Manhattan Bonus Ice Cream Truck RWD
Manhattan Bonus Meter Maid RWD
London Bonus Double Decker RWD
London Bonus Black Cab RWD
London Bonus Crown Mail FWD
Manhattan PD Patrol Car 1 RWD
Manhattan PD Patrol Car 2 FWD
Manhattan PD Patrol SUV 4WD
London PD Police Car 4WD
London PD Police Van 4WD
London PD Police Wagon 4WD
Smuggler's Run Baja Buggy

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